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For nearly four decades, we have been the driving force behind the strategic placement of exceptional talent, catering to the diverse needs of organizations both emerging and well-established.

Trusted by 100+ world-class brands and organizations of all sizes

The First Search Process

We will place 1 out of every 3.4 candidates interviewed

Our unique and sophisticated assessment process is designed to carefully evaluate candidates, resulting in a commendable placement rate of 1 candidate for every 3.4 individuals interviewed. This proprietary method not only ensures a streamlined and efficient recruitment process but also delivers a significant advantage to hiring managers. By consistently identifying and selecting high-quality, high-performing employees right from the initial stages, our approach is instrumental in saving valuable time and financial resources for organizations. This strategic placement of top-tier candidates contributes not only to immediate workforce productivity but also to long-term success and stability within the company.
Years of Expert Headhunting

Rapidly fill engineering positions with our streamlined recruitment process, ensuring swift onboarding of top-tier talent.


Elevate your leadership team with our efficient hiring process, placing experienced managers to steer your organization towards success.

Project Managers

Accelerate project timelines with our quick and efficient recruitment of experienced project managers who hit the ground running.


Fuel your tech innovation with our rapid developer recruitment, providing quick access to top-tier coding talent for your projects.


Stay Ahead In the Digital Landscape

Striving to be the forefront of transformative workforce solutions, we envision a future where organizations thrive with unparalleled talent, driving innovation and prosperity in every industry we serve.

To serve as the catalyst for organizational success by connecting businesses with exceptional talent. We are dedicated to providing customized recruitment solutions that not only address immediate staffing needs but also contribute to your long-term prosperity.


Choose Us for Exceptional Talent Acquisition:

Elevate Your Team with Unmatched Placement Success, Swift Time-to-Fill, and Exceptional Retention Rates!
Industry Specialization

The breadth and depth of industry specialization can be quantified by the number of successful placements in specific industries or sectors.

Market Knowledge

Although difficult to quantify directly, we can provide reports or insights that may include numerical data on salary benchmarks, talent trends, etc.

Innovative Recruitment

Evaluated by tracking the adoption and success rates of specific innovative techniques, possibly expressed as a percentage increase in efficiency or effectiveness.

Total Cost-Per-Hire

The total cost incurred per successfully placed candidate, providing a numerical value for the efficiency of the recruitment process.

Expert Headhunting
1 Decades
Positions Filled
1 K+
Companies Served
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Client Satisfaction
10 %
Placement Success

Elevate your recruitment strategy with our headhunting services, where success is quantifiable.

Time-to-Fill Positions

Accelerate your organization's hiring process and gain a competitive edge with our headhunting services.

Retention Rates

Our unparalleled focus on candidate fit and satisfaction ensures the highest possible retention rates.

Quality of Candidates

Trust us to provide a steady stream of high-quality, committed professionals, contributing to your success.

Transform your Recruitment Process

Transform your recruitment process with our headhunting services, showcasing an outstanding placement success rate. At First Search, we take pride in achieving a remarkable success rate of over 95%, signifying our commitment to delivering results.
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Medical & Healthcare
Engineering & Manufacturing
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What Hiring Managers and Candidates Are Saying

As we take pride in our commitment to excellence, we invite you to explore the experiences of those who have partnered with us. Our clients and collaborators are the true testament to the impact of our tailored solutions, agile approach, and dedication to delivering exceptional results. Their words reflect the value we bring to each engagement, from strategic talent connections to fostering sustained success.