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About First Search

For over 40 years, First Search has transformed how companies hire (and how candidates get selected) with results that outpace the industry norms for companies like Motorola, T-Mobile, Pulte Homes, Fluor Corporation, and Salesforce partners. We have worked with start-ups to NYSE-listed companies. This includes temp to perm, contract and retained searches.

Meet the Architects of Opportunity and Matchmakers Extraordinaire

Al Katz

Chief Employment Officer

For over 40 years, Al has helped key executives resolve their staffing needs. He is a much sought-out expert known for asking the perfect questions others are too busy or too distracted to ask. The results of his approach have successfully placed the most qualified employees in the ideal position to shine. What sets Al apart is his unique ability to have a live, honest, cut-through-the-social-veneer conversation with each candidate; an approach that is in direct contrast to today’s “do it as quickly and cheaply as you can” mode of operation resulting in hundreds to thousands of resumes that waste time and money.

Sarah Katz

Chief Candidate Whisperer

Sarah has a unique ability to find candidates and get responses that others simply can’t. She has developed and perfected her own sourcing system, which results in hires that otherwise would have never taken place. The results are happy hiring managers and thrilled employees. Prospective employees describe Sarah’s superpower as an unnaturally street-smart ability to build bonds, be straightforward and treat candidates in ways they least expect and instantly love. Sarah’s skills extend well beyond First Search to also partner with other affiliated recruiters to fill their key open positions.

Scott Krepps

Jedi for Undiscovered Talent

The Force is strong with Scott Krepps, Jedi of Undiscovered Talent at First Search. Scott’s direct lineage to a signer of the Declaration of Independence comes as no surprise but also a testament to his deep-rooted commitment to legacy and values. Harnessing the power of genuine and insightful conversations, he masterfully uncovers the ideal synergy between candidates and employers, creating remarkable matches that go beyond expectations.

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The First Search Team Gives Back

First Search is honored to contribute a portion of its profits to RoverRescue.org, an esteemed organization dedicated to facilitating meaningful connections between individuals and pets. This philanthropic initiative underscores our commitment to social responsibility and aligns with our core values of fostering positive impacts within our community.

By supporting RoverRescue.org, we actively participate in the noble cause of enriching lives through the companionship of pets, demonstrating our dedication to making a lasting and positive difference in the lives of both individuals and the animals they welcome into their homes.